Hunt Regional Medical Center 5th Floor Renovation Reception Lobby

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Hunt Regional Medical Center 5th Floor Renovation Reception Lobby

Greenville, Texas

Converting an entire floor from transitional care to adult mental health posed regulatory as well as practical challenges for this healthcare client.  Supplemental Medicare/Medicaid funding and state certification both hinged on meeting detailed construction requirements and completing an initial patient intake/release cycle on a compressed schedule.  HWH responded by adopting a self-certification track with the state Department of Health — committing to build to standards without variance, in exchange for expedited approval.

The team worked with state officials to deliver the required feasibility study, plus a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the client in just four weeks.  Then, with no interruption to care on the floors above and below, HWH completed design and construction in four months, achieving all targets.  The company’s strong self-perform orientation and process excellence consistently added insight to estimating, budgeting and scheduling, enabling the client to meet the challenge.

  • 14,500 SF design build conversion of transitional care unit into an adult mental health unit
  • Includes patient rooms, nurses stations, medical prep and occupational/group therapy areas
  • HWH also self-performed air handler, chiller and boiler replacements plus electrical system upgrades

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