• Impact Beyond Borders

    HWH’s impact extends far beyond our operating hubs in Texas and North Carolina.

    Impact Beyond Borders:

    Office Locations
    Warehouse / Packaging Locations
    Client Concentrations

Strategic hubs and partners drive a national presence.

HWH impact extends far beyond operating hubs in Texas and North Carolina:

  • Offices in Paris & San Antonio, Texas; Oklahoma City
  • Manufacturing in Paris, Texas & Bogan (Shanghai), China
  • Engineering staff in southern California, with R&D activities at UC San Diego for protective building systems
  • Packaging & warehousing at 16 locations in North Texas and North Carolina, serving clients nationally
  • Site selection clients throughout southern US
  • Engineering, construction & industrial services clients throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana, with licenses & certifications in 10 states
  • Federal projects throughout Texas and the southwest
  • Protective building systems clients in the northeast, on the west coast & gulf coast
  • Tribal organization partnerships in Oklahoma & region
  • Global retail partnership in the UK

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