It was a year of notable events. Anne Sullivan began teaching Helen Keller. The U.S. celebrated the first-ever Groundhog Day. Earmuffs were invented.

In Paris, France, construction began on the Eiffel Tower. And halfway across the globe in Paris, Texas, John Harrison began building something too. A family. On February 5, 1887, Alma Harrison was born. On her birth certificate? Her father’s occupation… “Contractor.”

This label marked the first documentation of HWH’s history. From then on, our grit, skill and fervent work ethic would grow into a robust family business — now five generations deep. Our 130+ years of unparalleled progress and expansion in the built environment industry have led to countless successes on scales big and small. From homes to aircraft hangars to 2.5 million-square-foot manufacturing facilities, HWH was born to build.

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