Union City, Tennessee

$44 million project. This closing involved five (5) Community Development Entities (CDEs), as well as the blending of state and local incentives to provide Williams Sausage with the maximum benefit possible.

The site selection process encompassed a twelve (12) month search that covered 17 states and 160 communities before Union City was selected as the winning site. HWH Group specializes in these complicated site selection and financing structures.

During the last five years, Union City has seen a loss of 3,000 jobs due to plant closings or downsizing. The New Markets financing has allowed Williams to expand their operations and to hire additional employees. The local community will see the creation of 225 new jobs and 150 jobs retained in the area.

The HWH Group is now in closings or has projects in progress that exceed $500 million in capital investment to low income communities across the United States.


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